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Family Court of Western Australia
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Before you apply

This part of the website gives an overview of the applications you can make to the Family Court of Western Australia, and what you should consider before applying.

The application types are:


Divorce applications

There is information on the conditions you have to meet before applying for a divorce.

The granting of a divorce doesn’t determine your parenting or financial arrangements, it just recognises that the marriage has ended.

The information on Divorce applications includes:


Parenting and Financial applications

Parenting and Financial applications

The information on Parenting and Financial applications includes:

  • The processes are mostly the same for defacto couples, but there is an overview of the differences.

Other application types

The Court hears other types of applications including:

There is also information on how you can resolve your family disputes outside of the court system.

Last updated: 14-Sep-2017

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