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Family Court of Western Australia
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Daily Court List







THE HONOURABLE JUSTICE CRISFORD (Duty Judge)    Level 3 Court 3.5

Callover of Defended Matters        9:00 am

Level 3 Court 3.3

Ayonrinde O T & S D R    Defended Hearing    10:30 am


MR D MONAGHAN M    Level 2 Court 2.1

Return of Subpoena/Special Appointment at 10:00 am

Watters A H & Steiner N J

Special Appointments at 10:00 am

Regan G A & G J

Roberts J M & Fuller A C

Wojcik A A & Foreman T L

Special Appointment at 12:00 pm

Haugen E Y & N R

Return of Subpoena/Special Appointment at 2:15 pm

Gee R D & Gee R I & Forster R



MR A MORONI M    Level 2 Court 2.2

Special Appointment at 9:30 am

Hotker N L & Landy A J

Defended Hearing at 10:00 am

Jakimovski S & Gerasimovski B



MS E M STEWART M    Level 2 Court 2.3

Return of Subpoena at 9:30 am

Dodd M L & Nannup J R & Bennell J R & Hancorne-Mustafa S Z

Special Appointments at 9:30 am

Bather L A & T

Clunn B B & D J

Hayward J W & Farthing K L

McAlinden L L & D J

Sartika V & Mcintosh R J

Special Appointments at 10:00 am

Compton H D & Marchesano W J

Cooper M A & Smeed L A

Sanderson L A & Bereng J M

Special Appointment at 11:00 am

Paterson C M & C R



MR M CALVERLEY M (Duty Magistrate)    Level 3 Court 3.1

Child Related Hearing List at 10:00 am

Braack R P & Bland C D

Cooper P & Proctor B K

Crawford K S L & D A

Knowles L C & Woodend K A

Lowe S C & Evans C R

Pearson-Goodacre M L & Fyfe Harris B J

Child Related Hearing List at 11:00 am

Aziz S A & I

Conteh A A & Sam E

Hewett S K & C J

Kelly R A & J A

Plewright M & P J

Taylor D L & Winiata West L M

Taylor R J & Balchin Z C


REGISTRAR FORREST    Level 2 Court 2.5

Return of Subpoena at 10:00 am

Burke N J & Bennett D

Casey M S R & S J

Catten N C A & J M

Edwards J & Henning C A

Pokorny F J & Bakeer M

Rhys-Jones J F & D M

Robinson S A & Manners D G C

Return of Subpoena at 11:00 am

Riordan D M & Gliddon K L

Kemp C J & Kemp B


REGISTRAR FORREST    Level 2 Court 2.5

Divorce List - Attendance not required at 2:00 pm

Aliaga J O & Y L

Alosi G & Ross L M

Amesbury J R & Howard M L

Asbridge G D & N D

Baker T C & E B

Bhujel S & Khadka S

Campbell C M & N J

Clements J C & H P

Curtis S L E & P C

Drage P N & L

Flanagan R S & E A

Ford K L & Burrows A R

Hawkins W L & Amos C

Hermes D P & L A

Jeuring J & J L

Johnson K H & I G

Johnson L M & P K

Jordon C M & G F

Kinane A G & J C

Law D J & B E

Lingham S R M & A

Mason C & Selby K E

McKay K L & M A

Mercer L R & J G

Minogue B J & A D N J

Morgan D W & C A

Murphy C J & Daniel T N

Nelson L J & S R

Parker D M & Mcloughlan J E

Petersen J & I W

Pomphrey S S & J C

Prosser D R & Prosser D P C

Radaich W H & G A

Rowlands M M & T C

Sebo S J & G D

Tonkin E E & Parker C L

Turner J M & S L

Vasile G & S

Webb W S & Squire T K

Worthington R F & Worthington J L


REGISTRAR FORREST    Level 2 Court 2.5

Divorce List at 2:15 pm

Aviet M A & Skokleski R

Constantine M & M

Crawshaw O B I & M

Farrell K E & Buxton S C H

Hatch T P & M L

Hennessy D D & Brar K S

Jessett M R & R L

Knight J L V & Sokol V B

Mettam M R & Bant C P

Mountain S P K & S M

Peek B A & C A M

Peters S J & Caunter M

Quah D J H & Van H

Rawlings P R & Mcveigh K L

Rolton R F & Wright-Rolton R L

Smith C S & Leone M C

Thomason K M & D L

Tse P K P & L

Warren A J & A M


REGISTRAR KUURSTRA (Duty Registrar)    Level 2


FAMILY CONSULTANT MCFARLANE    Level 3 Conference Room 3.08

Wilson A & Scelly T    Case Assessment    9:00 am

FAMILY CONSULTANT WILLIX    Level 3 Conference Room 3.09

Blake J F & Wright A L    Case Assessment    9:00 am

FAMILY CONSULTANT HANAVAN    Level 2 Conference Room 2.06

Gamage B F & O    Case Assessment    9:00 am

FAMILY CONSULTANT PEDLEY    Level 2 Conference Room 2.07

Jefferies E J & K G    Case Assessment    9:00 am


Sitting Date is: Thursday, 24 April 2014

Last updated: 23-Apr-2014

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