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Family Court of Western Australia
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Daily Court List





THE HONOURABLE JUSTICE CRISFORD (Duty Judge)    Level 3 Court 3.3

Valle J S N & Sloss R L    Special Appointment    9:30 am

La Bianca S L & Gharir R N    Defended Hearing    10:00 am



Re: Or    Special Appointment    9:30 am


MS E M STEWART M    Level 2 Court 2.3

Special Appointments at 9:30 am

Carter T L & A L   

Farmer S C & Turner L C   

James S R & Takes S L   

Manning A R & E P & Manning T P & Indich A   

Sawyer S A & Medbury C L   

Special Appointment at 10:00 am

Cooper M A & Smeed L A   

Special Appointment at 10:30 am

Webb T J & Matthaus S P   

Special Appointment at 11:00 am

Coxhead P & Ormsby T   

Judgment at 3:30 pm

Bramley C M & D D   


MRS J E VANDER WAL M    Level 3 Court 3.5

Defended Hearing at 10:00 am

Klopper S E & I V   


MRS G SUTHERLAND M (Duty Magistrate)    Level 3 Court 3.1

General List at 10:00 am

Archer K & Milner K L   

Avery E C & W J   

Burns S M & Randall J A   

Emslie R J & J N   

Galipo M F & H V   

George J J & R R   

Rahim J & Popal N   

Saric A & H   

Shehan R J & L M   

Tremeer G J & Butler P A   

Unwin K P   

Wyatt M G & Laws E   

Special Appointment at 12:00 pm

Roemer & Hanisch   


MS F WALTER M    Level 2 Court 2.2

Return of Subpoena at 9:30 am

Laidler D J & Jones M G & Jose M G   

Special Appointments at 10:00 am

Alvaro G F & P   

Jackson M D & Dziedzic M B   

Quartermaine D E & Collard B M   

Special Appointment 10:30 am

Morgan V M & N H   

Special Appointment at 11:00 am

Sweetman J C & Loftus F L   


MR M CALVERLEY M    Level 3 Court 3.2

Defended Hearing at 10:00 am

Russon D J & Kiowa A   


MS L DE MAIO ACTING/M    Level 3 Court 3.4

Special Appointment at 9:30 am

Neave F & Noonan P R   

Special Appointment at 10:00 am

Milne S D P & Collins E J   

Special Appointment at 11:00 am

Benson B R & Rogers N M   


REGISTRAR KUURSTRA    Level 2 Court 2.5

Return of Subpoena at 10:00 am

Few N F & M A   

Lyons K S & B P   

Macdermott M J & Clark R J   

Okonya C L & Zico A   

Smith L P & M P   

Spencer L J & Burns Z S   

Toki J L & Edmonds R H & Toki M A   

Wilson N H & A P   


REGISTRAR KUURSTRA    Level 2 Court 2.5

Divorce List - Attendance not required at 2:00 pm

Khan M I & Belay M   

Kim D & Leung W T   

Perdsan W B & Knight R J   

Pring A N & Taronna Mobily M   

Rushton D R & White R   

Sun C W A & Gu L   

Vakatawakoro A & Kelly E M   

Yim Y & Tso N F   

Barnesby-Johnson C J & Connor S J   

Bartholomew A J & I C   

Bell J J & L F   

Bouwman R A & A J   

Bramble A L & A M   

Channon S M & Chan S W Y   

Czarkowski C A & P T   

Darby M A & P D   

Day P S & K A   

Foy R G & Bell R M   

Forward J H & T C   

Francioni G M & J   

Greene H D & E W   

Howitt G R & G D M   

Khau T H & Nguyen T T   

Macivor M S & T D   

McLennan A W & I C   

Morris P K & S L   

Newbon G G & K P   


REGISTRAR KUURSTRA    Level 2 Court 2.5

Divorce List - Attendance not required at 2:00 pm

Phillips W L & C M   

Pullen L & Towler K B   

Shaylor J H & K F   

Singh K & Posavac S L   

Speldewinde M & R   

Stephens R F & Jones K E   

Sunich Z & E L   

Tison I & Foo Wen Chien S   

White Y A & L C   

Whitehead C & C   

Wigfield B R & K J   

Williams R & S A   

Woolhead B E & S L   

Yang W & Wu D   


REGISTRAR KUURSTRA    Level 2 Court 2.5

Divorce List at 2:15 pm

Grasso S R & Mctigue C J   

Molla W B & Kidanemariam R M   

Bevan J I & L C   

Bol Bol E & Meer A M   

Camilleri J A & S   

Chapman M E & J A   

Edgecombe L M & G A   

Fourie H & M C   

Geary B & T W N   

Glew W K & K J   

Harkins S L & B D   

Jones N A & C J   

Lucia M & Cargill M   

Mansell C J & Pullin C E   

Meredith K A & S M   

Obakpolo O & Scutt M S   

Shahzad K & I   

Styles J A & M R   

West P S & A M   

Wong W C C & Nguyen T K T   

Wright L M & Harrison I W M   


REGISTRAR FORREST (Duty Registrar)    Level 2 Conference Room 2.39


Rouse T & Filkin I G    Procedural    9:00 am

Rhumann E A & K J    Conciliation    9:15 am

Harfield K M & T G    Conciliation    10:00 am


Sitting Date is: Thursday, 23 October 2014

Last updated: 22-Oct-2014

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