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Family Court of Western Australia
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Daily Court List







Campbell  B J & Butun  S    Defended Hearing    11:30 am


THE HONOURABLE JUSTICE MONCRIEFF (Duty Judge)    Level 2 Court 2.4

Trajkovski M & A    Defended Hearing    10:00 am



De Groot T I & H J    Special Appointment    9:30 am


MR D MONAGHAN M    Level 3 Court 3.4

Readiness Hearing at 10:00 am

McCallum M & Butler K

McGregor W G & Johnson M K

Special Appointments at 10:00 am

Burgess D M & Walden C

Flintoff N A E & J M D

Gordon A R & P

Neville C & Bowyer D

Nicholls C J & Bowman J L

Osgood D G & T L

Paul M J M & J M

Pianta N P & Woods K

Sharma S & A

Tweedie J R G & Lally J A

Special Appointment at 12:00 pm

Clarke J L & Fitzgerald S R

Special Appointment at 12:30 pm

Iredell S M & Morrissey T J

Special Appointment at 2:15 pm

Mincham D J & A


MR A MORONI M    Level 2 Court 2.2

Return of Subpoena/Special Appointment at 9:45 am

Hotker N L & Landy A J

Defended Hearing at 10:00 am

Ahlgren E M & Toneguzzi P J


MS E M STEWART M (Duty Magistrate)    Level 3 Court 3.1

General List at 10:00 am

Adams D V & P J

Bombardier E & J

Casserly K P & Moterosso V

Drake-Brockman P S & Wilkerson S

Hind M & M

Jarrett S D & Bloom M

Southam G R & N A

Steinhobel J & A

Stewart E H & Pyvis J J

Special Appointments at 10:00 am

Fletcher B J & Hunt C A

Joy J P & M W

Norton S E & Scott J

Windsor M T & Sagrott S

Special Appointments at 10:30 am

Mqwati L W & T

Special Appointments at 11:00 am

Proposch N J & R D


MS F WALTER M    Level 2 Court 2.1

Special Appointments at 9:30 am

Honey R & Cobby G L

Lawler D R & J C

Special Appointments at 10:00 am

Proud S & Thongchai K & Tantisaree S

Virgona M J & Heard B A

Special Appointments at 10:30 am

Correia M F & J M

Green C L & Collis A J

Judgment at 2:15 pm

Pinzone L M & D


MS L DE MAIO ACTING/M    Level 3 Court 3.2

Special Appointments at 10:00 am

Houston L J & Livingston R L

Ierace S A & W M

Orr L M & Mulholland L P M

Teede S G & Stone N D

Special Appointment at 11:00 am

Scott A & Lippitt B

Special Appointment at 2:15 pm

O'Connor D L & Jensen K A


REGISTRAR FORREST    Level 2 Court 2.5

Return of Subpoena at 10:00 am

Bavington A E T & K E

Bolitho G F & Lang M

Chandler N J & Pecotich K

Doak J M & Devereux A D

Henthorn M & A

Poyser C S & Smith A J

Quinn L D & Perkins R L

Whyte E & Kozulin S

Return of Subpoena at 11:00 am

Dillon M E & Wicks L M

McAlinden L L & D J

REGISTRAR FORREST    Level 2 Court 2.5

Divorce List - Attendance not required at 2:00 pm

Ashley P L & M E

Baunton D R & White E C

Bonacchi J L & M S

Cant P G & J A

Cox A & A J

Dressa P I & Day B D

Faulkes S J & G B

Fredrickson B R & Emanuel J M

Gardiner A S & S M

George M S & R L

Griffin K J & Cusack K M

Hall C H & D A

Hammoud A M & Freind A E

Ho T C C & Baynon B C

Hughes W L & Ratcliffe K J

Jorden A R & K L

Liang Y & Walton W P

Lo Grande T & Harmati E C

McCarthy J P & T C

McCosker P G & J N

McKernan H J & R P

McRobert C H & K G

Millar A R & Ayton C J

Mitton K & G N

Moore T L & L R

Nocon J M C & Hughes M A

O'Neill D J & W G

Oliver C J & J S

Powers M J & D M

Rendell J & C D

Selby J N & M L C

Simmonds J L & C A

Small M J & H D

Soares Sugawara K & Fischer Y

Tennent P W & M

Vavra O & H

Wang C & Liu H

Watts A D & Payne G W

Westcott S B & E

Wignall K L & Mansfield N D

Williams I G & J A

REGISTRAR FORREST    Level 2 Court 2.5

Divorce List at 2:15 pm

Madaiah Ganesh S & Sandeep R

Chaudhary C A & R

Degrussa A J & A W

Frahamer E M & P C

Gurasinovik G & D

Hall G E & C A

Hamilton W J & S J

Hanson D P & M L

Herrick M N & J W

Jeenjiu P & Henderson G R

Kelly J P & B S

Manase N & Ntihebuwayo D

Olsen D E & N J

Orczech J K & K D

Petter-Bowyer N I & P M

Read A J & A E

Shaw P R & L J

Simpson B & K A

Smith S M & R B

Taveira A & M R

Watson P S & Watson L R

Wood I K S & S J


REGISTRAR KUURSTRA (Duty Registrar)    Level 2 Conference Room 2.39


Ralfe A P & W C    Conciliation    9:15 am

Carlisle S R & F D    Conciliation    10:00 am


Sitting Date is: Thursday, 18 September 2014

Last updated: 17-Sep-2014

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