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Family Court of Western Australia
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NEW Online eServices Payment Gateway (for Hearing Fees)

Payment of fees for conciliation conferences, setting down trial fees and additional trial days (being held from 1 July 2015 onwards) can also be made online via the eServices payment gateway at  To use this service you will need the payment ID (PID) number from the top left of your outstanding hearing fee statement letter.  If you have any queries about your PID number please phone our Call Centre on 08 9224 8399.

Commonwealth Courts Portal - Online Filing and Information Access

Commonwealth Courts Portal

eFiling - Divorce Applications and Supplementary Documents

The Family Court of Western Australia provides eFiling (electronic filing) of divorce applications and limited supplementary documents via the Commonwealth Courts Portal (portal) at

Parties and legal practitioners are required to register as a user of the Portal and comply with its terms and conditions of use.

On 31 March 2010 the Chief Judge of this court issued an Information Note in relation to the approved processes for eFiling in the Family Court of Western Australia.

Further information is also available in the User Guide to eFiling Divorce Applications in Family Law (see downloads on this page).

Important Note - Application for Reduction of Court Fees

When uploading the application for reduction of court fees, you must include a scanned copy of the concession card you are relying on for the reduction.

Searching Information on Your Court File via the Portal

The Commonwealth Courts Portal (portal) at is an online system that allows clients and lawyers involved in family law proceedings to access parts of the case information contained in the family court database.

Parties and lawyers are required to register as a user of the portal and comply with its terms and conditions of use. The link above will take you to the portal, where you will find instructions and information about registering as a user.

Access to information via the portal requires a user to enter the court file number and the client number.

How do I find out my file number or client number?

Your court file number should appear at the top right of all court orders issued by the court.

Your client number may be displayed in the top right corner of letters sent to you by the court, depending on the type of letter.

If you do not know your court file number and/or your client number, you can telephone the court on 08 9224 8222 or the National Enquiry Centre on 1300 352 000.  Upon completing the ID check over the telephone, you will be provided with your client number or file number.

Alternatively, you may complete the "Request for File Number / Client Number Details" form available as a download below (fax and post details are on the form).

Uploading Documents for eFiling

Documents to be uploaded to the portal:

  • Must be in PDF (.pdf) Format
  • Must be less than 10MB in size.

Also it has been found that using FireFox as your browser to access and upload to the portal may be more stable and encounter less uploading problems than other browsers.

Note about Divorce Applications on the Portal

Where a divorce application shows "Finalise COA - Make Orders" this date is the date the court grants the divorce order.  Your divorce order will not be posted out by the court until a further one month and one day afterwards when the divorce order becomes final.

Experiencing Problems with the Portal?

If you are experiencing problems when using the Portal, you may contact the support team by email or phone.


Phone: 1300 352 000 (8:30am - 5:00pm Sydney time Monday - Friday)

Last updated: 11-Nov-2015

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