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Family Court of Western Australia
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Selected judgments by the Judges of the Family Court of Western Australia are available by clicking the link below. These judgments cover a range of areas, children's issues, property settlement, maintenance, child support, and costs.

Selected Judgments of the Family Court of Western Australia 

Judgments published on this website have been anonymised by substituting pseudonyms for party names and, where appropriate, by editing information that would allow parties to be identified.

Judgments are the "reasons for decision" made by the judicial officer at the conclusion of the case.

A judgment generally outlines

  • the facts of the case
  • the issues
  • the law
  • the interpretation of the law, and
  • orders made as a result.

Judgments may be delivered orally at the end of the trial (ex tempore) or the decision may be reserved and presented formally in a written document at a later date.

Selected judgments are published by the Family Court of Australia on its website.

If you intend to be self represented at trial you should read the judgments relating to your type of matter. They will give you a guide as to the issues the Judge will need to take into account and the law applicable to the case.

Last updated: 22-Sep-2016

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