Family Court of Western Australia

Before you apply

This section of the website has information you should read before making an application.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Information about the ADR processes, and what you should consider doing before you make an application for parenting or property orders.


Information on the divorce process, including on meeting the separation and residency requirements.


An overview of parenting orders, and the steps you need to take before making an application. It also includes information on relocating children and recovery orders.

Property and Financial

Information on property and financial orders, with a focus on the types of orders you can request and the pre-action procedures you need to complete before applying.

Consent Orders

Consent Orders are a way to turn an agreement with your partner into formal court orders. You can reach an agreement using an ADR process.

 Other application types

Information on the applications the Court deals with less frequently. In particular, applications for:

Last updated: 5-Nov-2019

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