Communicating with the Court and Judicial Officers

Generally, all communication with the Court is to be via lodgement of correspondence on the eCourts Portal of WA or by emailing the Court.

Parties are also referred to Case Management Guideline 55 concerning correspondence with the Court.

Unless a party or legal practitioner has been specifically invited to do so, parties and legal practitioners are not permitted to contact a Judicial Officer directly by emailing their Chambers.  Communication with the Associate of a Judicial Officer can be made by email in the following circumstances:

The Associate cannot provide legal advice or provide you with any information about your matter. You should contact the Call Centre on 9224 822 for general procedural information about your case.

If you do email a Judicial Officer's Chambers, you should be aware of the following matters:

For communication with the Court to provide Feedback or make a Complaint, or enquire about the delay in the delivery of a Judgment, parties are referred to the Court's website.

Last updated: 2-Apr-2024

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