COVID Arrangements at Family Court

Vaccination requirements

All persons attending the Court's premises must produce evidence of their vaccination status to security upon arrival.

Members of the public are not required to be vaccinated to enter the building, but can be asked about their vaccination status.

Face Masks

Face masks must be worn at all times by court users in and around the building unless otherwise instructed by a Judicial Officer.

Medical exemptions for the use of a face mask must be sited by court security.

Attendance at the Court

While the Court remains open to the public, the Court recommends that only legal practitioners, parties, their support person (if applicable) and witnesses attend for Court events. Other members of the public are requested not to attend at this time.

NOTE: The Family Court Counselling and Consultancy Service supports the opportunity to use MS Teams or telephone for conferences. However, unless otherwise advised Family Consultant Conferences will continue in person.

If you are a self-represented litigant, you are requested to ensure the Court has your current telephone number. If you need to amend your telephone contact details, please complete and file a “Form 8 Notice of Address for Service” via the eCourts Portal Home - eCourts Portal (

If you are legally represented, your solicitor is to provide the Court with their direct telephone number. If you also wish to participate in the hearing, your solicitor will need to provide your direct telephone number to the court.

In the event a self-represented litigant or a solicitor does not wish to disclose their direct telephone number, they are to email their telephone contact details to the Court no later than 7 days prior to the hearing at, by providing:

  • their full name and court file number (and firm, if they are a solicitor);
  • the date and time of the hearing (and Judicial Officer, if known); and
  • their direct telephone number.

All documents must be lodged using the eCourts Portal of WA. The only documents that will be accepted by email to the Family Court are as follows:

  • Hague matters - Initiating application only.
  • Interveners - initiating application only.
  • Care and Protection applications - Department of Communities only.
  • Not a party to the proceedings - and have been instructed to file documents by the Court.
  • Bankruptcy applications.
  • Adoptions/ Surrogacy applications.
  • FCFCoA appeals.

Justice of the Peace

There is a Justice of the Peace at the registry Monday-Friday 9:30am to 1:00pm.

Also a Justice of the Peace at the Citizen's Advice Bureau Perth Office at 25 Barrack St Monday-Friday 9:00am to 3:30pm.

The Department of Justice has a list of Document Witnessing Centres where you can find a Justice of the Peace.

Remember to take ID so your identity can be confirmed.

Self-Serve Kiosk

The self-serve kiosk is available for you to use to prepare, scan and upload your Court documents through the eCourts Portal of Western Australia.

Access to the public kiosk computers is available each weekday from 9am to 4pm, please note this service is not currently staffed.

In the kiosk, you can:

  • register on the eCourts Portal of Western Australia
  • prepare documents
  • scan and upload documents to the portal

As this area is not staffed, there are telephone numbers provided to assist you with over the phone technical support in the kiosk. This service is only available if you personally attend the kiosk.

For other procedural advice, please contact the Call Centre on 08 9224 8222.

Legal Aid WA's Family Court Duty Lawyer and Family Advocacy Support Services continue to provide legal assistance and social support during COVID-19.

If you have a matter in the Family Court or you urgently need advice in relation to a Family Law matter, you can get over the phone assistance from the Family Court Duty Lawyer and/or FASS Social Support Worker by sending us an email at

Please include:

  • your full name
  • date of birth
  • telephone contact details;
  • A brief description of what you require help with.

If you need assistance with an upcoming court date, please include the time and date of your hearing. One of our team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your matter and how we can assist.

If you are unable to email us, you can call us on 9224 8690. If we are busy with other calls, please leave a detailed voice message and we will return your call.

While the Family Court remains open, we will be available to assist you if you need to attend court in person and speak to our staff. We will ask you some health-related screening questions before speaking with you face-to-face at court. You will be required to wear a mask, observe social distancing and follow all protocols as directed to keep you and our staff safe. In some cases we may offer telephone assistance only.

Parents and carers are expected to comply with court orders in relation to parenting arrangements, consistent with their responsibilities to act in their children’s best interests. This includes facilitating time being spent by the children with each parent or carer pursuant to parenting orders. It also includes ensuring the child’s safety and wellbeing.

The WA Government is aware that parents are naturally concerned about the safety of their children and how the measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 will affect their lives. For information and updates about the virus, see: COVID-19 coronavirus (

If you require legal advice on any matter, you may wish to contact a private Lawyer or the Legal Aid Western Australia infoline on 1300 650 579.  Also see the Family Court Legal Services Directory.

Last updated: 27-Apr-2022

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