Family Court of Western Australia


While you have an application at the Court, you have a obligation to provide all the relevant documents and information to the other parties.

In a property and financial dispute, it is very important that both parties are totally honest and open about their financial situation. This is known as providing full and frank disclosure. The duty of disclosure begins at when you are going through the pre-action procedures and continues until the case is finalised.

The disclosing documents page under Using the Court explains how to meet your duty of disclosure.

The Court will assess whether you and the other parties have complied with the duty of disclosure when deciding the outcome of your case.

It's important to remember the documents you receive during a case can only be used for the purpose of your family law case, and you must not disclose the documents or their contents to any other person without the court's permission.

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Last updated: 9-Nov-2021

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