Family Court of Western Australia

Married less than two years

There are additional requirements for a divorce application if you are applying less than two years after you married.

In additional to the other requirements, you must either attend counselling or seek the permission of the Court.

The two years is calculated from the date of the marriage to the date of applying for divorce. The two years includes the 12 months you must have been separated before applying for a divorce.


You can attend counselling with a family counsellor or nominated counsellor to discuss the possibility of reconciling with your spouse.

Ask the counsellor to complete a counselling certificate that states he/she has discussed the possibility of reconciliation with you and your spouse.

There is a blank counselling certificate available to take to your appointment.

For more information on family counselling services, visit the Family Relationships Online website.

Permission of the Court

If you do not attend counselling, you will need to seek the permission of the Court to apply for a divorce.

You seek this permission by filing an affidavit with your divorce application, explaining the reason for not complying with the requirement to attend counselling.

Last updated: 1-May-2019

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