Using the Court

This section of the website has information on how the Court deals with different types of applications:

Parenting Cases

How the Court manages parenting cases, with information on the types of hearings, family reports, and how the court deals with recovery orders.

Property and Financial Cases

How the Court manages property and financial cases, with information on the types of hearings and exchanging documents.

Divorce Cases

How the court manages applications for divorce.


There is also information on accessing different Court services:

The Family Court Registry

You can file documents, make enquiries and have documents witnessed at the Registry. You can also lodge divorce applications online using the Commonwealth Courts Portal.

Court Processes

Information on a range of court processes, including affidavits, serving documents, disclosing documents, and attending a court event by phone or video link.


Information on Court fees and how to pay them.

Legal advice

Where to get legal advice, including information on the Legal Aid duty lawyer service.

Daily Court List

The hearings at the Court each day.

Child minding services

The Court provides a child minding service for parents attending the Court.

Interpreter services

The Court provides an interpreter service for people with limited English fluency or a hearing impairment.


A transcript is an official record of a court hearing, and parties to a case can request copies of transcript from the court file. Note that there are charges for this service.


Last updated: 20-Sep-2021

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