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Priority Property Pools under $500,000 (PPP500)


The Family Court of WA has introduced a new case management pathway for designated applications for a property settlement filed after 1 October 2023. See Practice Direction (No. 1 of 2023).

If the case involves total net property (excluding superannuation entitlements) of $500,000, or less, and there are no entities that might require expert investigation (such as companies or trusts), and otherwise no issues of complexity, and parenting orders are not sought, the case is likely to be classified as a PPP500 case.

Each prospective party to the proceeding (as in all proceedings) is expected to have complied with the pre-action procedures before the court proceedings are commenced.

A simplified financial statement and specialised affidavit may be utilised by each party to the proceedings when filing their initiating application or response.

Orders will be made in Chambers before the first court date to ensure parties have complied with their obligations of disclosure, discussed valuation issues, and are ready to negotiate.

An extended Conciliation Conference will be listed promptly after the first court hearing, and if the matter does not settle prior to, or at the conference, it will then be expedited to trial.

More information, and the new forms, are now available on the Court's website.